The Sports Injury Clinic

The Sports Injury Clinc – lower limb @ Footlab+ is a leading Melbourne Sports Podiatry clinic. Our podiatrists are the best placed to diagnose and coordinate the management of sports injuries and musculoskeletal injuries pertaining to the lower limb.

Our team is committed to giving you solutions and direction for your recovery. We work closely with the local medical and specialist community in you rehabilitation. At the Sports Injury Clinic you can expect to receive the following:

  • Consultation with sports podiatrist
  • Diagnosis of your injury
  • Full digital biomechanical assessment studying the way you run and walk and how this may affect your injury
  • Detailed assessment of your footwear relative to your foot type and sport
  • Rapid communication back to other health professionals involved in your care
  • Tailored rehabilitation program to ensure rapid return to sport
  • Rapid referral to radiological imaging where required
  • Discounted rates if your club is an affiliated member of our community
  • Professional communication with your coach or trainers from our professional staff for your immediate management
  • Detailed reports for yourself and associated professional staff
  • Your podiatrist will closely liase with sporting footwear stockists for footwear best suited to your foot type and injury
  • Our podiatrists will create a return to sport plan for you
  • We aim to safely and efficiently return you back to your chosen sport in the quickest time possible
  • Access to Friday night clinic for last minute taping, stretching or any other treatment prior to weekend sport.