Orthotics are devices designed to correct and improve the mechanical function of the feet and legs through improving the position and balance. They are designed to be placed in your shoe to reposition the foot, realigning the lower leg and placing it in a more efficient position.

Orthotics are used to treat a myriad of conditions.

Orthotics can be composed of many different materials. The choice of material is dependant upon the condition to be treated, foot type and lifestyle.

Orthotics are not arch supports and should not be confused with unsophisticated foot supports sold over the counter.

Why our orthotics?

Orthotics prescribed through Footlab+ are made to conform to the specific shape of your feet. ‘Off the shelf’ orthotics are based only upon the size of the foot.

We use sophisticated methods to analyse your walking pattern and diagnose your conditions. This enables us to tailor-make your orthotics to your condition taking into account that your foot is a three dimensional dynamic structure. The casts taken to generate the mould for the orthotics is hand made – not computer generated. Podiatrists look at your whole foot – not just the pressure distribution of the foot.

Our orthotics can be made of many different materials to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our orthotics can be modified on site over time to alter the level of correction. They can also be modified if required to fit into different footwear. Top covers can be changed with different padding added to suit your condition and increase the life of the device.

Orthotic modifications

All our orthotics can be modified on site. This enables us to fine tune your orthotics and return them to you in minimal time so that you are without them for the shortest period of time.

Modifications to orthotics include increasing or decreasing the amount of correction, adding apertures or pads for pressure redistribution, changing covers to suit your needs, increasing or decreasing cushioning and changes to ensure they fit into your shoes to name a few.

What's involved in issuing a pair of orthotics

1. Biomechanical Assessment

Computerised Gait Assessment – the way we walk is utilised to assess the foot and leg as a dynamic structure.

2. 3D Foot Scan

A 3D scan of the feet using the latest technology captures every little detail of your feet. Bioengineering is then utilized to produce a perfectly
customised pair of orthotics.

3. Orthotic Issue

The orthotics are issued with full guidelines on what to expect during the first week and the life of the orthotics

4. Evaluation

Your feet are evaluated one week post issue to ensure you are comfortable with the devices, they are performing the function they were designed to and to discuss any issues that have arisen since the issue.