Plantar plate tears

The plantar plate is the fibrocartilaginous structure around the joints of the balls of the feet. Its role is to protect the metatarsal heads from pressure, prevent over extension of our toes and prevent our toes from splaying.

Plantar plate tears and ruptures can result when excessive stress is placed on the area. This can result from things such as a direct injury, abnormal foot mechanics, changes and/or increases in activity.

The symptoms of a plantar plate tear include pain and swelling in the area, the feeling of walking on bones and in some cases toe displacement.

Plantar plate tears can often be misdiagnosed. Our podiatrists are highly skilled at examining the area and working together with skilled radiologists in this area to establish confirmation of a plantar plate tear.

Treatment can be quite varied and include conservative measures such as orthotics, taping, padding, shoe modfications and injection therapy. In more serious cases surgery may be required.