Occupational Podiatry

At Eastern Foot Care we can provide services to the workplace

Foot and lower limb problems have a significant effect on the injury rate and health of the workforce, particularly where that workforce operates on hard surfaces such as concrete, steel and tiles.

Did you know that

• 43% of Worker’s Compensation Claims are related to sprains and strains of joints and adjacent muscles, many in the feet and lower limbs.
• 6% are related to disorders of foot muscle, tendons and other soft tissues.
• 6% related to dorsopathies – disorders of spinal vertebrae.
(source Worksafe Australia)

Many of these injuries, however, are preventable through education on foot health and footwear.

Podiatry at your workplace

At Eastern Foot Care we have the team able to identify the underlying causes of foot problems in your workplace and create management plans to overt the development of foot and ankle problems.

Whether you require on site care or education for injury prevention, we can tailor our services to suit your workplace, acitivites and budget. Our clients include Kraft Foods and SCA Hygiene Australasia.