Ankle sprains and pain

Ankle sprains and pain can often become debilitating for those trying to stay active. Our experienced podiatrists have completed further education enabling them to diagnose and manage ankle pain and injuries delivering the latest in treatment and care. They are able to:

  • assess
  • diagnose
  • treat
  • rehabilitate

and plan your return to activity with fast track options for imaging and surgical referral (where required)

There are many different causes of ankle pain including:

  • sprains (inversion or eversion)
  • fractures
  • Lis Franc joint injury
  • os trigonum
  • tibialis posterior dysfunction
  • tendonopathies
  • impingement

The complex structures of the ankle mean that there can be damage to one or multiple ligaments, tendons, bones and joint tissues. It is critical that the underlying cause of the pain is accurately diagnosed to ensure the most appropriate treatment program is implemented.

There are many different treatment modalities available which must be matched with the underlying cause of pain to produce the best outcome.

Make an appointment today to have your ankle pain accurately assessed.