Corns and calluses

When we weight bear our feet carry the burden of our weight. They also suffer the pressures of movement and footwear. Often the friction placed upon the foot is out of balance. The body responds to this by thickening the skin. Known as calluses, when pressure is not relieved they can become painful.

Corns develop when the pressure is concentrated on a small area producing pain, swelling and redness. Soft corns develop in moist areas including between the toes. Common sites of corn and callus formation include the ball of the foot, under the big toe and tips of toes.

Never cut corns or calluses yourself. They are symptoms of underlying problems. Over the counter treatments such as corn paints and plasters treat the symptoms only. Self treatment often results in infection and small cuts can develop into serious wounds due to the moist environment.

Podiatrists treat corns and calluses by relieving pain through removing the offending tissue. They then isolate the cause and treat accordingly to prevent recurrence. Treatment includes redistribution padding and strapping and extra shock absorption techniques. Footwear advice and orthotics can also be implemented to reduce pressure.

Never cut corns or calluses yourself!

Doing so can result in the development of infections and small cuts quickly become serious wounds due to the warm and moist confines of shoes. Any one of our podiatrists can find the cause of the problem and treat it effectively preventing recurrence.