The Orthotic Clinic

Our podiatrists are experts in the prescription, manufacture and fitting of foot orthoses. Orthotic prescription and manufacture are a big component of EFC. There are several key steps in the whole process which ensures the patient receives professional and uncompromising attention to detail.

When the requirement for orthotic therapy has been established patients will undergo a systematic and comprehensive process.

1) Biomechanical Assessment

Our podiatrists are trained to conduct full lower limb biomechanical assessments. The information gathered during this assessment helps formulate the individual prescription of the orthotic. Prefabricated foot orthotics (Off-The-Shelf) are also available and may be an appropriate alternative to Custom Orthotics in some circumstances.

2) Foot Capture

At EFC, we consider capturing the exact dimensions of the foot are vital in the orthotic creation process. Our podiatrists have a number of ways to accomplish this. Depending upon patient requirements, one of two methods will be utilized; plaster casting or laser scanning.

3) Material

Given all feet are unique, the material selection is just as important as the prescription itself. Materials need to be carefully selected and worked to suit the patients requirements. Our podiatrists will inform the patient about the material best suited to their foot type and problem. It may incorporate the use of soft shock absorbing material, firmer controlling materials or a combination of both. Orthoses are often covered in a top cover. We have are over 40 different fabrics and colours for patients to select from. If a specific cover is deemed clinically appropriate, your podiatrists will advise accordingly

4) Orthotic Shape

Footwear selection is paramount in achieving orthotic success. We aim, where possible, to make an orthotic fit the patients current footwear. Orthoses can be made to fit a vast array of shoes, ranging from narrow fashion shoes to the work boots to a child’s school shoe.

5) Manufacture

At EFC we have a fully equipped orthotic laboratory. This ensures the orthotic manufacture phase is rapid, in addition, orthotic adjustments can also be made in a timely and efficient manner, thereby minimizing any inconvenience to the patient.

6) Fitting of Orthoses

Once the orthotic manufacturing process is complete the devices are ready for fit. Our podiatrists will expertly fit your new orthoses, often utilizing the patient’s current footwear. At the fitting, fine tuning may be required to get the orthoses functioning at an optimal level.

7) Evaluation and Review

Orthoses are designed to modify the way the foot, ankle and lower limbs function. We believe that orthoses should function flawlessly in the initial stages but continue to do so even after several years of wear. Our friendly support staff will recall the patient at various times to make an appointment so our podiatrists can ensure the orthoses are functioning at the desired level.